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About sproutcraft

Sproutcraft began as a vision of creating artisanal dairy-free cheeses that rivaled the taste, aroma and texture of quality artisan dairy cheeses. Using traditional cheesemaking techniques like cellar aging, selection of specific bacterial culture strains, humidity, brining, and temperature control,a revolutionary and healthier product was created. 


First, organically grown cashews are blended to a fine cream. The cream is then cultured and fermented for multiple hours. Fresh ground sea salt is added

with organic flavors like black garlic, fresh dried and powered tomatoes, fresh dried and ground turmeric powder. The cheese wheels are formed and placed on beech wood shelves, flipped and maintained daily to ensure proper aging. The wheels are then aged for weeks to months depending on the type of cheese. 


Sproutcraft is in incubation and is seeking to operationally expand over the coming year while retaining the small batch artisanal craftsmanship and level of quality synonomous with the name and brand.  As more and more people take control of their health, alternative dairy nut-based cheeses are the future and Sproutcraft is on the leading edge of the fulfilling that niche.   


Sproutcraft Creamery Stockists

Mesa Verde 1515 cliff dr. santa barbara, ca

mosto crudo 7 W haley st. Santa Barbara, ca