Image by Lindsey Ross  @thealchemistriss

Image by Lindsey Ross @thealchemistriss

Chef Christopher Rayman

Chef Christopher Rayman began his career learning classic french culinary in upscale gourmet kitchens. Deciding not to attend culinary school, he was primarily self-taught and gained invaluable experience in the restaurants that began his career. It was his time working alongside other highly-skilled chefs that shaped his experience learning their techniques and methods to develop his foundation of cooking. After years of working in the industry, Rayman made the decision to invest in his own health by introducing an all plant-based diet. 

His classic culinary training juxtaposed with the adoption of the avant-garde, modern food movement, forged his own style and philosophy toward food. With the personal change to a plant-based diet, his progression and love of artisanal cheesemaking led him to experiment with non-dairy options. Using nuts as his base, his favorites being cashew and macadamia, Rayman borrows from traditional methods of cheesemaking to create authentic dairy-style cheeses. 

Years of testing countless recipes and preparations led Rayman to become a leader in the process of fermentation and non-dairy cheesemaking in the Santa Barbara area. His presentations, along with his remarkable cheeses, have led to the beginning of Sproutcraft; a highly sought after delicacy in Southern California. What began as a personal interest in 2010 has developed into a highly anticipated small scale operation. Small batch, organic, and handcrafted, the cheeses are a stand alone in a market of alternative-dairy options.

Press & Events

featured, S.B. INDEPENDENT, 2019 “Mosto Crudo’s Vegan Lunches”

event Vendor, Mercado Sagrado, 2018

Vegan Tapas night, mosto crudo, santa barbara, ca, 8/25 & 9/21 2018

Private 6 course vegan pop up dinner, santa barbara, 2018

Vendor, Mercado Sagrado, 2017

Featured, destination & dining magazine, 2017

Featured, San Luis Obispo vegan guide, 2017

Featured, VC Star, Cooking demo, Bacara resort & spa 2017

feature, Edible s.b. magazine, 2016

Event chef, Edible SB Supper Club, mesa verde, santa barbara, 2016

Featured speaker & vendor, Wild Brew Fest, Santa Barbara, ca 2016

vendor, Santa Barbara Fermentation fest, 2016